Why Test Prep Matters

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Special Testing Update: The new SAT will be released in March 2016. Since it will take some time to get the early kinks worked out, we recommend (Class of 2017) focusing on the ACT for now. As updates occur, we will keep our readers informed!

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Focusing on test prep can dramatically improve your scores. The score you get on your SAT or ACT can play a major role in determining where you are admitted to college. If you plan ahead and spend time preparing you will be more likely to get the scores you’re aiming for. Starting early pays off. It’s a luxury to head into senior year with testing already done—it just makes your life easier and less stressful!

Higher scores can result in BIG scholarships. Students & families are always trying to find new ways to pay off their rapidly-increasing college costs. With scholarships, students can free themselves of some of that financial burden. Many scholarships are tied to higher test scores, so in a way, consider test prep a “job” that will pay off later.

We can help plan a smart testing schedule & strategy. Preparation and practice are key to getting higher scores on your tests. On top of that, there’s nothing better than walking into a testing situation with a healthy dose of confidence!

We recommend various tried & true test prep options. There are dozens if not hundreds of methods & programs that can get you well prepared for standardized tests. A lot depends on how you learn effectively and what your time constraints are. We can assess your needs & provide you with recommendations that fit you best.