12th Grade Matters!

Students are often under the false impression that because UC and CalState decisions are based on 10th and 11th grade classes, their 12th grade curriculum & performance is insignificant. Here’s how it works: every single university will ask you to list your senior year classes on applications, and they consider your rigor heavily, so 12th grade is a year to keep your schedule robust. Many schools will then ask for fall semester grades to use in consideration while admissions decisions are made—so keeping your grades up during 12th grade matters too!

Colleges want to see the “most recent you,” academically speaking, so it is important that you continue to demonstrate your readiness for the rigors of college all the way through high school. That means— take an academic load consistent with the rest of your transcript. We’ve seen students lighten their academic load senior year because they erroneously think it doesn’t matter to colleges— that is definitely not advisable. It’s important that you fill that senior year with academically challenging classes that pique your interest.

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Community colleges can provide a variety of in-person and online courses, and there are a range of options when it comes to UC/CSU Approved courses. If you feel you need more rigor, that could be an option. One important caveat—your high school needs to approve any community college class in advance, so you can get classes put on your HS transcript. It is not mandatory that classes be added to your high school transcript, but it’s the cleanest option.

Finally, it is critical that you continue to perform academically all the way until graduation. Colleges can and will rescind offers of admission on occasion –especially if they see D’s or F’s on the final transcript. It’s important to always assume your college will care about your 12th grade performance and continue to be the student you have always been! Contact us if you need help with college applications. https://navcc.net/contact-us/