Balance your college options

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In the college world there are “hidden gems” out there that can be just as interesting & affordable as the UC’s. Admission at the UC campuses has become unpredictable and many admissions experts are now referring to the UC’s as “wild card” schools. While UC campuses are often popular options among high school students and their parents, there are hundreds of other prestigious and impressive colleges around the country. Many are also under the impression that private schools are always pricier than a UC, however, many private institutions can be just as affordable. You just need to apply to the right ones. We analyze our students’ strengths and interests; helping them apply to colleges that can provide an affordable education.

Create a balanced list of colleges and universities. As juniors in high school, college is fast approaching so it’s important to start researching the various institutions you would be interested in attending (i.e., UC’s, CSU’s, as well as public and private schools–both in and out of state). Don’t simply settle for just one type of college–create a varied list to help you seek out your options.

You want great college options in the end. Deciding which college you want to attend is one of the most important decisions of your life. Take time and research different types of institutions to find which ones are the right fit for you. Be open to different college options as you may be surprised by what you find!

We create balanced lists for our students based on their academics, interests and family financial situations. There are hundreds of amazing colleges around the country that aren’t as recognized as others. They aren’t “name brand” schools. We consider all components of what you’re looking for when seeking out colleges– including cost of attending, academics, social activities, etc. We can help create a balance list of colleges around the country–both private and public–that fit your needs.

We tour colleges continuously so we have a strong sense of what is happening in the ever-changing college admissions landscape. We have visited hundreds of colleges around the country and can provide first-hand experience on what each college offers and what they’re recognized for. Our one-on-one consultations allow us to become familiar with your interests and expectations for college—from there we can help match you up with colleges that are right for you.

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