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Parents: The Transitional Time Before College

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The summer before college can be challenging for parents as their students are on the brink of leaving home. After months of tearing your hair out while dealing with your child’s college searches, test preparation, procrastination, daunting admission deadlines, fear of rejection, and college acceptances, the time has finally come to set your child off to college. Sometimes it’s not that easy to let them go! After all, this is the onset of adulthood and independence. While students anticipate this new college adventure with great relish, parents may find themselves worried about their child’s health, social lives, academics, and anything else they imagine might go wrong.

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This is all perfectly normal! Every year, parents of incoming college students go through this transitional period without knowing quite how they’re going to feel about all the new changes. With mixed emotions, parents can feel equal doses of excitement and a tremendous sense of loss. These emotions are understandable and do tend to get easier with time. You will likely be delighted with the changes you see in your child after only one season away!

There’s a good chance your student will come back from their first term in college with much gratitude. College can be some of the best four years of a student’s life where personal growth and self-awareness kick in. Students who have had the opportunity to experience college life will begin to acknowledge all the love & support that has gone into getting them there. As a parent, it’s important to realize your role in their accomplishments— you have provided your child with the foundation they needed to succeed, so give yourself a pat on the back!

We serve as liaison between students and their parents during a challenging time. At Navigatio College Consulting, it’s our goal to ease the process of sending your child off to college. We provide support and advice to both parents and students who are going through this transitional period. Having worked with hundreds of parents and students, we’re aware that this can be an emotional time in their lives and our quest is to help smooth the experience for everyone.

We recommend helpful resources to help ease the transition. This rite of passage can be difficult for parents and their kids. We’ve seen it with our students, we’ve been through it with our own kids! New college students may find themselves feeling homesick during the initial fall transition. We provide resources to help your student anticipate potential issues to watch for, easing the adjustment to college life. We also suggest books & articles to help parents emotionally cope with having their child move away from home.