Colorado College is a Place for Deep Thinking

Two pilots, one round-the-world cyclist, an inventor, a prolific fundraiser & a pair of beekeepers. What do they all have in common? All seven were admitted to Colorado College last year!

Colorado College prides themselves on attracting creative, innovative types of all stripes. In recent years, they’ve focused on developing much more ethnic & geographic diversity on campus, making the place a whole lot more interesting as time marches on!

Colorado College is a small liberal arts school set in Colorado Springs at the foot of Pike’s Peak where the sun shines 300 days a year. Professors share deep involvement & community with their students and have a “Breaking Bread Fund” to pay for dinners at their homes and in local restaurants together. Professors are not as much in control of their classes as they are true collaborative members.

Colorado College says they are all about developing “habits of mind,” with their very intense Block Plan. Students take only one class at a time, diving DEEPLY into each subject—they develop sharp focus with direct & hard deadlines and shed every ounce of procrastination they ever possessed! Schedules & demands are very intense with each course lasting only 3-1/2 weeks. Students attend class from 9-12N daily & collaborate with fellow students & professors to finish projects, research & papers for the rest of the day. (As this system is pretty unforgiving, CC admits that students with slower processing speeds do not do well here) The good news? Students get a 4-1/2 day break in between each and every “term.”

Colorado College requires a First Year Experience Class for all freshmen to help them acclimate to the crazy, intensive pace. That period of adjustment can be very stressful for students. Classes are super small though (15 usually) and professors are vigilant, making sure ALL students are supported & nurtured through the challenging transition. Once freshmen understand and adapt to successful time management techniques & habits– they love it!

All students are given the opportunity to study abroad (CC just got approved for need-based funding for trips, so EVERY student can be included). An example of the study abroad experience at Colorado College? For one Michelangelo-based course—students dive into reading & research for seven straight days to study the master—then on day 7, they hop on a plane to Florence where a concentrated “hands-on” study of the influential Italian sculptor, painter, architect & poet embarks for 2 more solid weeks—no time for any other sightseeing on this trip! That’s the way Colorado College rolls.

Professors have the freedom to plan all sorts of fieldwork with their students in the U.S. too—they have budgets for archeological digs & social projects at the US/Mexican Border—these are just two examples—there are over 450 field trips a year scheduled at Colorado College! As expected with an inquisitive population, the extracurricular activities are as varied & unexpected as the students are. While we toured campus there was a “psychedelic rock climbing” adventure planned. I wasn’t sure what that was, but it sounded like a lark! Check out the exceptional & unique education at Colorado College.