Navigatio certified for STRONG Interest Inventory

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STRONG is a widely respected assessment tool used for college and career planning around the world to help develop the brightest talent and guide them in planning academic and career paths. The STRONG Interest Inventory is an online questionnaire which takes about 30-35 minutes for our students to complete. At Navigatio College Consulting, we are delighted to have trained to become STRONG certified because we know our students will benefit wildly.

Most students change majors several time during their college years which can cost time, money, and a lot of wasted energy. The STRONG assessment helps us guide our students into deliberate interest areas so they can more quickly determine a major or majors that suit their needs. STRONG also leads to suggestions about the types of activities and internships they might want to look for. They leave for college with a playbook for freshman year!

Another common problem for college students: they choose majors where they have an aptitude, but no real interest. This can lead to academic careers that are not terribly satisfying and oftentimes sets up years of trying to find a career they can love. With the STRONG Interest Inventory in place, our students are set off on a deliberate path to their future goals rather than a meandering journey.

We offer the STRONG Interest Inventory as part of our College Consultation. Our excitement level for this assessment is through the roof! Contact us at Navigatio College Consulting to schedule your student’s College Consultation with STRONG.