Haverford College

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Haverford-College2Haverford College’s idyllic flora and fauna paradise brings the woods of Bambi to mind….with gentle streams & ponds dotting the forested landscape, just a few train stops from historic Philadelphia.

However, if you ask any student or faculty member at Haverford, they will tell you it’s the Honor Code that makes this place REALLY special! When exams are given out, students are told whether it is open or closed-book and whether or not they can work with a partner. They’re expected to time themselves and follow the parameters and no student is EVER forced into a testing schedule. When finals are given, students choose WHEN and WHERE they will take exams. Students have responded well to Haverford’s Honor Code, especially night owls who have never bought into the standard early morning academic schedule! High achieving, inquisitive students who think the Honor Code system sounds intriguing should definitely consider a Haverford application!