College Application Help – Details Matter!

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Here it is….senior year.  You have worked yourself to the bone making sure your grades are high.  Extracurricular activities, test prep and research papers have kept you sleepless for far too long!  You are ready to get the big payoff—admission to college.  You have done ALL the preparation, and you are poised to apply.  But the preparation does not stop there!

Many students do a great job working hard in high school, but when it comes to putting the nitty- gritty details on a college application…..they suddenly lose focus!  It is CRITICAL that students take the time to get those applications fully detailed.  If you do not tell a college all you have done, they will not know.  Simple as that.

Compile a resume,  starting in 9th grade detailing academic achievements & awards, extracurricular activities, hobbies and outside interests , jobs,  everything!   Add to your resume each year so when it comes time for college applications, you’re ready.  Don’t diminish the weight of all that hard work with a shoddy, incomplete college application….pay attention to the details!