Hot off the press: UC Tips!

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We recently met with college admissions directors from all 9 UC Campuses and were able to glean crystal clear tips for student success– here they are, hot off the press!

Tips for UC Applications!

Great Applications Take Time: Don’t rush them.

Edit Your Work: Proofread for errors. (ask somebody else to proofread too)

Use Your HS Transcript: Enter classes and grades DIRECTLY onto application—they want EVERY course recorded, even repeated classes.

Personal Insight Questions: Get straight to the point & answer the prompt! (no formal essays copy pasted from Common App) and pick topics that are easy to write about. Make sure the 4 essays display different facets of yourself!

Activities/Awards Sections: Use active verbs to describe exactly HOW YOU contributed.

Check Stats at Each Campus: Make sure you know the GPA & Test Scores for admitted students at each campus you apply to—and apply to the right campuses (if you want UC Merced, apply there—don’t rely on system placing you there!)

After You Apply: If you earn a “D” or “F” in any class, contact them directly so they can work with you on it. (They WILL find out!)

Email Communication Critical at the UC’s: Check emails often once you apply, and open portals IMMEDIATELY if asked to—some UC’s use portals during review process and it’s the fastest way to get a response to any question you have. If your email address changes, let them know!