Sophomore/Juniors: Don’t Be a Stealth Applicant!

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We coach our students to get the attention of admissions reps so when applications come in, our students stand out in their minds! More and more students are applying to college so the competition is fierce. Are you trying to be competitive? Showing genuine interest may just be the extra boost that makes all the difference.

A student’s “demonstrated interest” can be a pivotal factor when it comes to admissions decisions. Don’t take those colleges for granted, TELL THEM if you are intriqued with their campus and interested in their programs. Colleges want to feel that if they admit you, there’s a good chance you will accept their offer! They face a lot of pressure around what’s called “yield,” so admitting students who love them is important for business. That’s why showing your interest can boost your chances of getting admitted. In short, colleges want to be loved by students, as much as students want to be loved by colleges.

Call us at (818) 207-0263 to discuss what you can do to become a competitive applicant for colleges. Our advisors will interact with you face to face and will offer you the best and the most effective tips regarding college admission.

Colleges are more likely to favor the student who shows interest. Students who show interest to colleges have a higher chance of being admitted when compared to so-called “stealth” applicants. Many colleges track this data so be sure to get in touch with the colleges you like!

Students have various opportunities to show genuine interest in the colleges they are applying to. College fairs and tours, college visits, interviews, and notes to admissions offices all give students the opportunity to demonstrate interest. Students can of course solidify their interest by sharing SPECIFIC DETAILS in their essays about why they’re looking forward to attending each college.

We guide our students on very specific methods of demonstrating interest which can include scheduled visits, direct contact by email and applying early – plus so much more. At Navigatio College Consulting, we know the admissions process and direct our students on key strategies to increase your chances of getting admitted.