Is summer school for you?

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Summer school can definitely help make life a little easier during the academic year, which for some students can be a true blessing. If your student feels overwhelmed with the demands of high school, consider a summer school plan. Students who enroll in summer school can open up time for non-academic pursuits during the school year — this gives them a chance to explore more with part-time jobs, volunteering, clubs, hobbies, music, theatre, or sports involvement. Summer school can lighten the load during the school year giving students more breathing room, which for some students is a strategy worth considering.

Another upside? Students can enroll in classes that might not be available on their own high school campus which could be stimulating for them. Summer programs at colleges or universities are also available for high school students, giving them experience on a college campus plus the opportunity to explore new and exciting fields of study. One caveat: it’s always important to get all summer school coursework approved with your high school BEFORE you enroll.

Students can lighten their academic load, get ahead, or make room to fit in more classes. Have a list of classes you want to take but don’t have enough time during the school year? As students get further into their high school careers, they may find they haven’t had room to take some of the more interesting & popular courses on campus. Attending summer school can create that space in their schedule.

We help students plan their academic schedules, based on many factors. At Navigatio College Consulting, we chime in on students’ unique academic schedules helping them consider & choose appropriate classes. We don’t want them to overload their schedules, but at the same time we make sure our students challenge themselves with appropriate “rigor.”

We tailor our students’ academic profile to suit their individual needs and the colleges’ expectations. We want our students to have a balanced high school schedule to include challenging courses as well as involvement in rich extracurricular activities. Colleges covet students who are academically strong and involved in their campus/community, so we help design a schedule that gives our students the flexibility to accomplish just that.

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