College review: Baylor University

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Baylor University is the oldest and largest Baptist University in the world –they are set in Central Texas halfway between Austin & Dallas in Waco, the birthplace of Dr. Pepper!

Students looking for a Christian-based education with a LOT of school spirit would love Baylor. Rampant enthusiasm is palpable from the minute you step foot on campus. This mid-sized university (nearly 14,000 undergrads) thrives on activity!

Freshmen get an immediate blast of campus spirit & bonding with Baylor’s “front row seats for freshman” tradition at football & basketball games. Bear Country is crazy on game days and nobody gets better seats than the freshmen! Picture every freshman on campus clad in yellow, wildly leading the cheering charge for the entire undulating stadium. Baylor’s new football stadium and all the other obvious growth & building at Baylor and around Waco reveals the story of a campus and town that’s moving forward fast!

Baylor has an annual “All University Sing” production which most students tend to be involved with somehow and a huge percentage of students (75%) play on intramural teams. Students enjoy nutty activities like costume dodge ball tournaments & freshman food fights, so if a student is looking for high activity, Baylor’s a great option!

Baylor is renowned for their bustling science departments — they’ve been exceptionally successful with matriculation to grad schools in fields of medical, dental and pre-professional science endeavors of all kinds. Having said that, there are many fine departments at Baylor University for students to explore and none of the majors are impacted — EVERY single student meets with their academic advisor EVERY semester.

The transition to college is excellent here because Baylor takes prodigious care of their freshmen in lots of ways besides giving them front row seats at football games. They also require all freshmen to take a 6 week course first semester covering everything they need to know to be successful in college — how to study effectively, how to properly email a professor, tutoring availability, time management, etc. For this and many reasons we encourage you to take a look at Baylor University!

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