What’s Happening at the UC’s?

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Navigatio attended the UC Conference at UCLA, gearing up for the college application sprint! Applications open October 1st, so get those essays in shape.   The very best college essays are edited and rewritten several times. Here’s a nice UC Essay worksheet from UC Santa Barbara’s website: Personal Statement Worksheet.

Take time for some introspection before writing essays—what do you want the colleges to know about you?  If your essay can apply to any number of good students in your school, it is NOT SPECIFIC ENOUGH.  Get personal and be conversational!

Be sure to research the UC campuses well so you KNOW whether you have a chance to be admitted or not.  If the UC’s are your dream schools, apply to at least 4 of them with a wide range of academic selectivity—-and know WHY you are applying to each.

Take time to be detailed and  thorough on your UC application—if you don’t include all you have done, you could lose out.   Work on that application over the course of many sessions….having someone close to you look it over before submission.

A great tip shared at the conference: don’t give ANYONE (including your boyfriend/girlfriend) your UC password.  There could be hacking problems after a bad breakup that could doom your application.  So keep it to yourself.

Good luck seniors and contact us with any questions about your UC application.