Navigatio on the Road: Connecticut College

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Connecticut College is a small (1800) liberal arts school located in New London, CT. It’s
a beautiful campus located right on the water….idyllic really. The campus is pretty selfcontained,
and most students live on campus for all 4 years. CC prides itself on their
Honor Code which is based in the Women’s Rights Movement, and this school is a
social justice institution.

They are known for an emphasis on interdisciplinary studies, an international focus and
a program called CISLA which combines the study of a language with another major.

60% of students study abroad—giving the campus a nice international perspective
They have a strong internship program and in particular have the CEL program (Career
Enhancing Lifestyle) and if students take their 4 workshops focused on resumes,
interviewing techniques, etc. they will then be eligible for a fully funded internship which
typically pays around $3000.

There is a new science center and Connecticut College boasts the largest telescope in
New England as well as its own island.
Research opportunities are always available.
Environmental Studies is big on a campus that contains a marsh and an arboretum.
They have a brand new arts center and two theatres.

The sports scene is HUGE on campus (D3) and 75% of all students use the athletic
center while about 50% of all students play an organized sport.
Water sports are super
popular…..sailing & rowing big on campus.

The performing arts are alive with theater, dance and music. Students may take free
music courses after completing music theory. The Band Barn often rocking with student
bands practicing.

The school is 60% female but just down the road is the Coast Guard Academy which is
90% men, so no problem getting dates to dances!
Connecticut College fields 8 acapella
groups and 8 bands….one in particular has become quite famous and can be seen on
YouTube…..”Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.”

Students are not housed according to class and there are many housing options
including a number of “special interest” dorms like the language dorms which include a
dining hall.
Our tour guide said that she enjoyed eating at the Arabic house, an an
example. There are also substance free dorms, quiet dorms, all women and all men
floors. The quad rooms have their own bathroom and there are only a few available so it
would be unlikely that a freshman would get one.

Transportation to and from the airports is easy by train (2 hours) to NYC or Boston.
Good cab service, zip cars.