Spring is the perfect time for college tours!

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Get out and tour some campuses, to better understand the myriad atmospheres & personalities of each college and “type” of college. Stepping foot onto campus gives you better clarity—is this a place I could live for four years? Would my educational needs be met here? Could I find “my people?”

Tours provide an opportunity to meet students, see facilities & figure out if you would “fit” there. Talk to students, walk around the campus, eat in the dining halls to better glean the campus vibe. A first hand account can provide you with valuable information. Current college students can give you a pretty good idea as to what they think of the campus life, organizations, academics, sports, etc. So ask them questions!

Get on the college websites and look for details about how to Plan A Visit. During spring break, tours can fill up so be sure to sign up early. Be proactive & seek out dates for college tours and info sessions by checking out different college websites. Taking this extra step can allow you to get familiar with what each college is saying about themselves.

We suggest appropriate colleges for students to tour. If your college list is pretty long, touring every single campus early will be impractical. With our help, you can narrow down ideas as to which colleges you may want to personally visit and which ones can wait.

We arm our students with tips & organizational tools to keep colleges straight in their mind as they tour. Take pictures and keep good notes on what you like on each campus. (those will come in handy when writing essays!) Imagine yourself on each campus and ask the questions that matter to you. After all, this will be your home for four years so YOUR needs trump everything else.

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