Oregon State University

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12142020_191042334563738_846980790_nOregon State University (OSU) is a large (23,903 undergrads) public university with the unusual distinction of being a land grant, sea grant, space grant and sun grant institution (Cornell University is the only other one). What this means is, lots of money is pouring into the school. For that reason, OSU is THE research university in Oregon. For example, in 2010, OSU received $270 million, and conducted the largest tsunami research project ever done in history.

OSU is located in Corvalis, a nice sized college town about two hours outside of Portland where students can enjoy all four seasons. This university just surpassed $1 billion with their capital campaign, so the hiring and construction will continue. The student union is exceptionally beautifully, and houses a bowling alley, lovely sitting areas, cafes, over 360 clubs and organizations (surfing, golf, ultimate Frisbee, fly fishing, etc. etc!!) and activities (a recycled fashion show, an annual drag show, a capella groups, etc) They even have an old fashioned barber shop in there!

The athletic center is state of the art, with an indoor track, yoga classes, pools, workout equipment, and an impressive rock wall room, all fully attended. The students at OSU are doers! The football program is huge, as are many other sports there, being a Division 1/Pac 12 program. Gymnastics is a big deal at OSU, as is rowing. With rowing, a student can either compete Div. 1, or just be a member of the rowing club.

Since they have football, they have marching band, and there are scholarships available for marching band members who audition. A student can still be a marching band member without auditioning, but will not be considered for scholarships. All marching band members receive a $100 stipend per month, as a payment for their service to the school.

OSU is known mostly for their science programs, but you can study anything there, with solid results. The veterinary and agricultural programs are large. (could be called Oregon A & M….they are big with anything earthy!) The Agriculture department is well funded and offers a lot of scholarship money.

They have a renowned pharmacy school, which students start as undergrads, and the program is 7-8 years long. Undergrads can actually apply for the graduate part early to get their space saved a few years ahead of time. They have a large engineering program, with many specialties, theirs is a very collaborative & hands- on approach with projects starting from day one. The internships for all engineering majors are plentiful and there are many resources to help students succeed.

Believe it or not, OSU has a nuclear reactor on campus for research. The oceanography program is prominent, and research is available for undergrads to participate in. OSU proudly houses Linus Pauling’s two Nobel prizes, as he was an alumni of OSU.

HP offers internships in Corvalis, and there are also internship opportunities in nearby Salem and Beaverton. During the summer, there are many internships available in Portland and other cities further away.

The breadth of opportunity at Oregon State University is noteworthy, as is the charming college town atmosphere. Check them out!