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Parents: Out of State College Can Be Just as Affordable

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Including out-of-state schools in your college search may help you identify the right school at the right price. Many of the in-state public options SEEM like a good price point, but then students are lingering for far too long (6-7 years, in some cases) driving up the cost of their education significantly. Once tuition, housing, books & expenses are multiplied by 6 or 7 years, costs seem to pile up!

The cultural experience of being in a new city or state adds richness to your child’s education. Moving further away from home and living on their own can help your child grow as an individual. Living in an unfamiliar town can enhance your child’s cultural appreciation and provide them with new, exciting opportunities & experiences.

When searching for colleges, cast a wide net. Don’t limit your student’s options by only seeking out colleges that are in-state or nearby. When compiling a college list, encourage them to widen their search to include some out-of-state colleges. There are many well -priced educational opportunities available in other states!

We continuously visit colleges all around the country exploring their unique & varied qualities, so we can bring that first-hand knowledge back to our students. We know a great deal about the vast collection of opportunities & social environments on campuses all over the country.

We guide our students to highly successful college matches – our instincts are right on! Through our one-on-one consultations, we gather insight into which colleges (out-of-state or in-state) might be most suitable for your child’s academic & social desires. Our students have lots of choices in the end—that’s always our ultimate goal.

Call us at (818) 207-0263 schedule a one-on-one consultation and we can help provide insight into which colleges might be appropriate for your child.