Parents: Things have changed since you applied to college

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Parents aren’t aware of how much the college admissions process has changed in the past 20-­­30 years. More students than ever are seeking college educations making the ever-changing process overly competitive & complicated. Multiple testing agencies, myriad academic choices and scary sticker prices on college campuses add to the confusion.

Parents need to understand and be realistic about where their students might be admitted and the financial implications of attending each school. In the last fews years alone, the tuition for many public universities has skyrocketed—at rates far higher than family incomes. On top of that, it often takes longer than 4 years to graduate, so that too drives the costs up. Private school prices have gone up too, but the upside? Students can often graduate in four years, and there can be generous financial aid & scholarship opportunities. In other words…ignore the sticker price! We specialize in finding schools for our students that represent a WIDE RANGE of potential costs for the family. We make sure every student has “financial safety” schools, as we like to call them. With a variety of different colleges available, your child may end up moving out of state or studying abroad, if they are lucky! We look for colleges with great opportunities at the best price for each individual.

We stay current with what’s happening in the ever­changing college landscape by continuously touring colleges, attending conferences, and meeting with admissions folks. Our main focus is to provide students with the most current information making their college admissions process as smooth & efficient as possible. As requirements change, we take an active interest in keeping up. We are confident that we’re getting the most timely & accurate information across to our students.

We educate the student AND parents on what to expect and how to prepare for admission to college. We know just how important it is that both you and your child are aware of how the admission process works and how students can make an education more affordable. College admissions can be a stressful time – we help ease anxiety by providing complete support & guidance.

We help parents understand how financial aid works and how a student can impact the cost of their education simply by applying to the right colleges. Let’s face it; college is definitely an expensive investment but we help parents and students understand their options. We don’t want students to miss a college opportunity simply because of fear of financial difficulties. There’s always options and solutions, we’ll tell you what they are – and information is power!

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