Seniors: Double-Check ALL Applications for Accuracy!

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Getting something simple like your social security number wrong can hold up your application for weeks while other students are being reviewed. Don’t let your many years of hard work go to waste because of a simple application error. Make sure every detail is accurate and updated. College admission reps have thousands of applications to read and applications that appear to have errors may be set aside while others are reviewed. The amount of extra time it takes to get your application reviewed because of a small inaccuracy could be the difference between your getting admitted or being denied.

Spend a lot of time making sure every detail on your college application is factually correct. Seniors tend to be overloaded with all that needs to be done, but don’t rush those college applications. Pay close attention to providing accurate details to every question. We recommend you spend 30 minutes per day on college applications all season long, so you are not too taxed or overwhelmed on any one day. Also, have a trusted person double-check your application for errors.

Call us at (818) 207-0263 for help with proofreading your college applications prior to submitting them.

If you don’t report your classes or grades accurately you could be admitted (or denied!) under false pretenses. It’s crucial to make sure everything is completely accurate, as the college could rescind your admission if it’s found out your reported grades or test scores were in error. Your GPA plays a huge role in your college acceptances so make sure you fill in the correct grades! Double check your application so there aren’t any errors getting in the way of your being admitted.

We hold our students to a very high standard when it comes to accuracy, requiring them to work directly off their transcript and academic resume. Hold yourself to that same standard! We want our students to have the highest chance of success, so we make sure they are working entirely from documents and not making any guesses when filling out their applications. After all, a simple mistake could affect their chances of being accepted.

We review all applications with a fine-toothed comb making sure all details are correct. We will look through every part of your application to ensure the information is completely accurate. If we do come across something that may potentially be an error, we jump all over it! Don’t let a silly error derail your chances of getting the answer you want: admit!