The University Trek

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Navigatio traveled 8300 miles, across 19 states, touring 27 different colleges… all in the past three weeks. Why would we do such a thing? Why would we wear ourselves out RIGHT when it’s time to slow down to enjoy summer, drinking lemonade on the porch and reading fiction?

College Counseling is more than just giving advice. Trekking across the countryside, for days on end, and stepping onto college campuses lets us experience the flavor of each school. Those insights help us guide our students to make informed decisions about where they might like to spend four years of their life. It’s not just about academics….the environment is a huge part of any student’s college experience.

If we didn’t see it with our own eyes, we would never have known that Loyola Chicago students like to sun themselves along the shores of Lake Michigan between classes. Nor would we realize that Grand Canyon University has brand new state-of-the-art electronic nursing simulators and a dozen cadavers for pre-med students to work on. University of Chicago students have a crazy four day engineering- based scavenger hunt that the college guides fail to mention. Meeting with admissions folks, chatting with students on campus, traipsing across athletic fields and quads, eating cafeteria food…..all these experiences educate us, so we can educate our students.

Navigatio is back home in Burbank California now and we are informed, well-traveled and ready to work with our students and share the great stories of our very own College Trek of 2011!