Chicago College Scene

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Being a college counselor has its perks… like getting to tour the “windy city” when flowers are blooming everywhere, college students are buzzing with the anticipation of summer excitement and Lake Michigan is shimmering.

Navigatio College Consulting ventured around Chicago this week to chat up the college admissions people around town.

University of Chicago’s gorgeous Neo-Gothic architecture, expansive lawns, sharp minds and Hogwart’s style “houses” keep life interesting in Hyde Park. These students are more than just curious intellectually, they are energized by academics! Chi’cago students know how to have fun too, hosting the world’s largest scavenger hunt (over 1000 students) with “engineering based” challenges, and other offbeat intermurals…..try innertube water polo!

Students of DePaul University are gifted with location, location, location. Just north of Chicago’s Loop, this campus is set right in charming Lincoln Park, a neighborhood filled with cafes, art galleries, and music venues so these students are CONNECTED to Chicago. Their learning happens everywhere, with much vigor! DePaul cares about culture, as evidenced by their new art museum, and a renowned, very selective theatre program.

Loyola University is graced with Lake Michigan adjacent property on 45 gorgeous acres about 45 minutes north of the Loop. Sports Management is a hot program at Loyola, and students get the chance to intern with professional teams around the sport’s crazed Chicago area. Applications for admissions are FREE at Loyola, a rare treat.

Colombia College is a “hands on” place for students wanting to study music, dance, theatre, film, journalism, broadcasting, fashion and design and lots of other vocations and subjects. The campus is sprinkled around Chicago, so students need to be ready for an urban learning experience.