Freshman/Sophomores: Keep your grades strong from the beginning of high school

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The single most important component of your college applications revolves around the classes you’ve taken and how well you’ve done. When admission counselors review your application, they direct their attention to your academic record. While a high GPA is advantageous, colleges particularly want to see that you’ve taken college-level courses and really challenged yourself.

Strong grades set the foundation for predicting your academic success in the future. Grades are a strong determinant of how likely you are to handle college level work, especially when combined with the new taste of freedom. They demonstrate your knowledge of the subjects but also show your degree of effort and commitment.

Why complicate things? By obtaining high grades from the beginning of high school, you refrain from having to explain why you received such poor grades in your courses. Since GPA is a major factor for admission counselors, doing poorly in the initial years of high school makes you work that much harder to raise your GPA. So keep it simple and apply yourself from day one!

We help direct curriculum choices so students are not overwhelmed, but pushed hard enough. Picking the right courses can often be difficult. Therefore, we’re here to help you find courses of interest while showing off your strengths. We can help balance your academic schedule with challenging courses and extracurriculars — setting you apart from other qualified applicants.

We monitor our students’ academic performances & recommend tutoring or other troubleshooting needed. We keep track of how well our students are doing throughout high school and if we find they’re having trouble in certain courses, we help them take action. We’re all about providing support to ensure the best college admissions outcome.

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