Seniors: Have your college list finalized by August of senior year

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Creating the college list is an ever-evolving process in need of constant tweaking. The decision on where to attend college becomes more important as the college application time approaches. Our students find their original college list will look very different in the end, as students add or remove certain colleges from their list based on specific criteria they look for when determining where they want to spend their next four years. That’s the way it should be as the weeding process progresses!

Create a college application timeline early. Don’t procrastinate. Set yourself a timeline for when you want to get each section of the college application complete. The Common Application AND the UC applications open August 1st. Other applications will have different deadlines so make sure you’re aware of them and make yourself a schedule! This will help ease the stress of the process and allow you to focus and really dedicate your time to crafting a quality application.

Don’t miss any deadlines or requirements. Mark your calendar or take note of when your deadlines are for your college applications and other requirements such as completing your standardized tests, getting letters of recommendation, and submitting your transcript. Go back
and check to see what each college’s requirements are so you don’t forget anything important. These requirements are key to a complete college application and it’s crucial that you don’t miss any deadlines.

We develop a college list and work with you to refine it. Working one on one with our students, we help them create a preliminary college list. Our consultations allow us to discuss your interests and strengths, as well as your college goals, which help us narrow down your list to the main colleges that fit your needs.

We help strategize the application timeline and provide organizational tools. We work with students on meeting different deadlines while helping them effectively manage their time. Our goal is for all our students to complete their applications by Thanksgiving weekend. We understand that the application process can be ridiculously stressful so we provide organizational tools and support throughout the process to keep our students calm and on track.

Call us at (818) 207-0263 to schedule a college consultation to discuss how we can help you with your college list and college applications.