Students: Preparing for the School Year Ahead

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A well planned academic schedule makes all the difference when it comes to college admissions. The level of “rigor” in your schedule can directly affect your admission into college, therefore, it’s important to carefully select classes that will help your college application stand out. Adding a variety of different courses such as AP classes, sports, and electives to a high school schedule can show colleges that you’re ambitious and adventurous.

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Classes you take will directly impact your high school transcript which is the heart of your application. A high school transcript contains the most important components of your college application. When reviewing your transcript, colleges will take into account your overall GPA and the difficulty of your courses. While settling for easy classes may help to boost your overall GPA, taking challenging courses really show colleges that you’re prepared for college-level coursework.

Figuring out who you are and what you want to pursue helps lay the groundwork for college and beyond. When signing up for classes, consider where your interests lie and what you’d like to pursue in college. Knowing the program or major you’d like to enroll in can help give you an idea of what courses to take while in high school. Introductory courses and early preparation can not only help you once you’re in college, but it can show admission reps that you’re focused and hard working enough to succeed once you get there.

We guide students to take the courses that make sense for them. We help high school students choose the right course load for their individual needs. Each student is different, so we spend time exploring courses and elective possibilities that may open new doors for them in the future. Aside from creating a balanced high school schedule, we also advise students to not only select courses that they find interesting, but also courses that showcase their strengths.

Our extracurricular suggestions are imaginative and numerous. With multiple years of experience in college consulting, we have an extensive list of extracurricular options for our students. With our one-on-one consultation, we can determine the student’s interests and strengths and offer suggestions as to what extracurricular activities would best fit their needs and help increase their chances of getting into college.