Seniors: Preparing for graduation

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Don’t let senioritis ruin your high school efforts. When senioritis strikes, seniors often lose the motivation to maintain their efforts in their classes and coursework. Having already received college acceptances, students may find they no longer have to work hard in high school as their college goals have already been met. However, it’s important to keep in mind that despite already receiving that acceptance letter to college, or knowing your next step after high school, you still have high school responsibilities to complete.

Colleges can and will revoke your admission – all acceptances are provisional. Most colleges that accept students expect them to maintain their academic performance in high school, and any significant drops in the student’s grade gives colleges the ability to revoke their admission. Slacking off during the last few months of high school can backfire since colleges often track your progress after you have been accepted.

You want to be able to walk in your graduation – high school consequences are painful too! Graduation is a time for closure and a chance to celebrate all your high school accomplishments and hard work with your loved ones. Ensure that you have completed the necessary courses and
requirements needed in order to walk in your graduation.

Map out your remaining high school responsibilities, so you can fulfill them while enjoying your final year. Seniors want to enjoy their final year of high school and with various social events including prom and senior activities, they may get into the habit of focusing more on social events rather than their high school responsibilities. Mapping out your tasks as your high school career comes to a close will allow you to balance them out while still taking part in fun, social events.

Help your friends stay on track, too! Encourage your friends to successfully complete all their high school requirements so they can graduate alongside you. Sometimes our friends just need that extra support to keep them motivated. Helping your friends focus on finishing their high school career strong can help keep you on track as well!

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