Steps to Getting Yourself Admitted to College!

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Work hard to keep your grades up–your efforts can set the foundation for a bright & happy future, so go for it! Challenge yourself academically with a rigorous course load (but not so rigorous that you can’t succeed) because colleges seek out students who are prepared to take on college level work. Always ask for help immediately if you struggle in any way, in any class. This is your education students, so embrace it! If you have a bad semester, don’t fret about it or give up. Just put your head down and keep on working hard. Upward grade trends are impressive too!

Find your interests & passions with extracurriculars you love and go BIG with them!If you pursue your passions with gusto it’ll make you– and your life– a whole lot more interesting. Hone in on your strengths and pursue what you like doing to give yourself an essential boost when it comes to applying for college. Do what makes you HAPPY and work hard at everything!

At Navigatio College Consulting, we ensure your talents and strengths are fully represented on your college applications. There will be no question as to who you are and your colleges will love you as much as you love them!

Good descriptive language on your applications is essential and there are four things you MUST show: Passion, Talent, Initiative & Impact. If you demonstrate these four qualities with academic prowess, strong essays, interesting activities sections & enthusiastic letters of recommendation AND you pick the right colleges that will value YOUR qualities, you’ve got it licked!

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