Navigatio on the Road: U Penn

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Penn is a large (10,275 undergrads, 9,500 grads) Ivy League campus located in Philadelphia, just west of Center City. The mossy architecture and tree-lined grounds are as impressive, and the campus is really quite lovely. Undergrad schools include Liberal Arts, … Continued

Plan Your Summer Now!

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Summer is the perfect time to take on new and exciting opportunities. You’ll give yourself a chance to experience something new & enhance your creativity. Creative summer activities could potentially propel you toward a more layered & interesting future. Whether … Continued

Western Washington University Review

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Western Washington University is a gorgeous mid-sized public university (15,000 pop.) located in Bellingham, Washington, just south of the Canadian border with Vancouver. The forested long, narrow campus takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from end to end and the … Continued