Summer Enrichment: Spanish Immersion Opportunity

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Full language immersion pushes a student’s brain far beyond classroom learning, and the language mecca of Antigua, Guatemala is a perfect place to dive into Spanish. Students travel from all corners of the globe to learn to speak, read, write and … Continued

A College Fairy Tale

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Once upon a time in California, high school students could confidently apply exclusively to state schools knowing they would get a solid education at a good price.  Unfortunately, as the all too frequent news stories report, that time is gone… lost … Continued

The University Trek

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Navigatio traveled 8300 miles, across 19 states, touring 27 different colleges… all in the past three weeks. Why would we do such a thing? Why would we wear ourselves out RIGHT when it’s time to slow down to enjoy summer, … Continued

Chicago College Scene

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Being a college counselor has its perks… like getting to tour the “windy city” when flowers are blooming everywhere, college students are buzzing with the anticipation of summer excitement and Lake Michigan is shimmering. Navigatio College Consulting ventured around Chicago … Continued