High school graduates: Preparing for college

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You just graduated but there are still plenty of steps to follow through on. Check with your specific college to see what requirements you still need to complete prior to starting your freshman year. Don’t miss any deadlines and pay all your deposits on time in order to avoid any issues or delays.

Send your transcript & housing deposit by June of senior year. Colleges still want to see your final grades so remember to send them your final high school transcript. Also pay for your housing deposit on time to ensure your housing situation is settled before the start of college. Late payments may prevent you from getting the residence hall of your choice.

Check your email regularly as that’s how your college communicates with you. Stay up-to-date with college news and requirements by checking your email on a daily basis. Colleges may send you information about your current financial aid status, housing assignments, as well as important orientation dates.


We give perspective & recommend reading materials to help students transition to college smoothly. Preparation is key! College can be a major transition for many students so we help to ease the process by providing our students with helpful resources and reading materials.




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