College review: Baylor University

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  Baylor University is the oldest and largest Baptist University in the world –they are set in Central Texas halfway between Austin & Dallas in Waco, the birthplace of Dr. Pepper! Students looking for a Christian-based education with a LOT … Continued

College review: Beloit College

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Beloit College is a small college (1300 students) located in Beloit, Wisconsin which was once described as a microcosm of America with its mix of races and economic brackets. Officially their mascot is the Buccaneer though over the years they’ve … Continued

College review: Bates College

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Bates is a small (1753 students) liberal arts college located in Lewisburg, Maine – a working class town surrounded by gorgeous natural terrain. Bates feels they attract students who are constantly in search of knowledge, in a happily intense way. … Continued