Post graduation expectations

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The summer after senior year can be emotionally taxing for parents and students. It may be difficult to cope with the realization that your child is all grown up and ready to move onto college. For some parents, this may … Continued

Is summer school for you?

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Summer school attendance offers myriad benefits to help make life a little easier during the academic year. Students who enroll in summer school can open up time for extracurricular activities such as part-time jobs, volunteering, clubs, hobbies or sports involvement. … Continued

Make your summer count

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It doesn’t matter how you keep busy during summer vacations, but do something you care about! Find a job, an internship, a pre-college program, a summer school or enrichment class, a volunteer opportunity or better yet–dream up something original. Summer … Continued

Seniors: Preparing for graduation

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Don’t let senioritis ruin your high school efforts. When senioritis strikes, seniors often lose the motivation to maintain their efforts in their classes and coursework. Having already received college acceptances, students may find they no longer have to work hard … Continued

AP test results matter!

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AP courses let you start college-level work during high school. Not only can you impress colleges with your academic prowess, but you’ll get early preparation for college level courses. The curricula for AP courses are similar to what you can … Continued

Balance your college options

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In the college world there are “hidden gems” out there that can be just as interesting & affordable as the UC’s. Admission at the UC campuses has become unpredictable and many admissions experts are now referring to the UC’s as … Continued

Juniors: Research colleges

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You need to take the helm with college research–your education’s at stake! Set aside some time and actively research your options for colleges. Find out what each college offers and whether it fits what you’re looking for. Visit college websites, … Continued

College review: University of the Pacific

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University of the Pacific, recently ranked 5th prettiest campus in the nation, is a small private oasis (about 3,500 students) located in residential Stockton, about one hour south of Sacramento. Pacific’s campus is stunning and classic, with historic brick buildings … Continued